Of international interest


Ben Furman - international speaking engagements

Ben is giving lectures and teaching workshops around the world. For a listing of his speaking engagements, see his own website by clicking on the image or this link: www.benfurman.com

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Ben Furman and Tapani have written more than two dozen books many of which have been translated to 21 languages including English, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French, Estonian, Polish, Czech, Hebrew, German, Icelandic, Arabic, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. For a complete listing, click on the image or this link www.benfurman.com.


Our foreign guest speakers

We organize international workshops biannually. Our in spring 2017 as Haesun Moon from Toronto University. In the fall of 2017 our guest was professor John Murhpy who specializes on solution-focused school counseling. In the spring of 2018 our guest is Louis Cauffman from Belgium and in the fall of 2018 we will have the honor of hosting Evan George from Brief in London on the 16-17 October. The lady in the picture is Heasun Moon, world renowned teacher of solution-focused coaching.


Kids'Skills Academy

We collaborate with another Finnish company (called Oppimaa) to offer video training in English on the topic of Kids'Skills, or using solution-focused methods when working with children, teens, families and schools.


Multilingual Apps

Click the link to go to Ben's website where you can find a complete listing of all the educational and therapeutic apps and computer programs that we have developed so far.


Ben Furman's Youtube channel

Click the image to explore Ben's Youtube channel. You will find there loads of interesting solution-focused videos including interviews with Sue Young, Chris Iveson, Eric Sulkers. Many of the videos have subtitles in more than one language.