At Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute we have developed a number of widely acclaimed solution-focused problem-solving, coaching and training tools. The links below will take you to the dedicated websites that we have created for these methods.


Reteaming Coaching

Reteaming is a simple step-by-step solution-focused coaching and problem solving method that has become popular around the world. We offer training for professionals interested in becoming certified Reteaming coaches.


Cooperation Training

Cooperation Training is a six-session crash in course in solution-focused communication and collaboration skills aimed at managers and staff.  We offer training for professionals interested in becoming certified facilitators for this acclaimed and practical training course.


The Kids'Skills Method

Kids'Skills is a solution-focused method for helping children and teens to overcome all kinds of problems and difficulties. Learn more about Kids'Skills at our dedicated Kids'Skills website.


Twin Star

Twin Star is model for teaching leaders and staff in companies and organizations the ABC of how to create solution-focused workplaces. Read the book, study the e-learning platform or hire a trainer.