Apply for one of our certifications

  • Cooperation Training Facilitator
  • Reteaming Coach
  • Kids'Skills Coach
  • Kids'Skills for Parents Trainer

If you have participated in a training program on one of our methods (Kids'Skills, Cooperation, Reteaming, or Kids'Skills for Parents) and the training that you participated in is approved by Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute, you can apply for certification here.

Please not that if there is an organization in your own country that manages certifications, you need to apply for certification in your own country.

To apply for certification start by downloading a pdf document that explains the requirements for your certification.

Once you have read the instructions carefully, continue by filling out the application form that you can find on this page. Remember to attach a document with the required information and documentation.

Our office handles certification applications once a month so you may need to be patient.


Once we have received your application we will send you an invoice to pay the certification fee. The fees are currently as follows.

  • Reteaming Coach - 100 €
  • Cooperation Training Facilitator - 100 €
  • Kids'Skills Coach - 50 €
  • Kids'Skills for Parents Trainer - 50 €

Once your registration has been approved and you have paid for it, we will send you your certificate and add your name to our international list of certified coaches.

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